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Accountant Services

Get assistance for maintaining finances and develop your business with complete financial stability. Ketan Patel, CPA, CGA is widely known for his reliable financial solutions in helping people grow their business. Ketan Patel can help with financial services with complete integrity and absolute confidentiality.

Welcome To Ketan Patel, CPA, CGA

Chartered Professional Accountant in Toronto, ON

As a chartered professional accountant, Ketan Patel has spent over 20 years in the accounting field providing strategic financial leadership across accounting and finance in large, working for dynamic companies in financial services and facilities management across Toronto, ON.
The goal of our accountants is to give our clients the clarity and navigational tools to achieve their long term financial goals for sustainable growth for both their businesses and families.
Our experience and notable expertise ensures that your tax preparation and bookkeeping is in good hands.
Ketan Patel, CPA, CGA offers customized accounting and tax services to individuals and small to medium sized owner manager corporations across Toronto.
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Contact Ketan Patel, CPA, CGA for all your accounting needs across Toronto, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Pickering, Ajax, Etobicoke, Barrie and the surrounding areas.



General Questions
April 30 is the due date for personal tax return ie T1. Corporate tax returns are due six months after your fiscal year end i.e., T2. 28th February is the reporting deadline for T4’s T4A and T5’s.
Payroll for current month needs to be remittance by 15th of the following month. If not paid can incur penelties.
In the event you file late, you are subject to fines and penalties based on how late and whether you owe anything to the CRA. Having an accountant can help you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties and keep your taxes and books up to date!
Yes, the firm provides business startup consulting services and can provide value inputs in helping you to set up your new brand.

Our Services

Ketal Patel and his firm is one of the well-reputed accounting firms in Ontario and provides a host of different services. He has worked with many different clients, from small businesses to medium sized corporations and helped them grow as an enterprise. Here is a glimpse of what kind of services they offer.

Business Start Up Consultations

Get professional assistance with business incorporation and startup and start your journey as an entrepreneur with confidence. Get assistance in every step of setting up a new company and more.

Bookkeeping Services

Need help maintaining financial records and statements of your company? Reach out to us for professional bookkeeping services which you can always rely on to make and grow your business rapidly.

Payroll Services

Offload company's payroll services to a professional firm and make room to concentrate on what you specialize in. We can help in providing streamlined payroll services and make things simple for companies.

GST/HST Services

Get expert assistance with goods and services tax year-end filing and related paperwork done with no hassle. Ketan Patel and his team are always available to help you around the year.

Corporate Financial Statements & Taxation

We help in recording, analyzing, summarizing of business transactions and preparation of financial statements for businesses. We also render tax returns filing for small, as well as, mid-sized corporate houses.

Personal Tax Services

Need help in preparing papers for year-end personal tax and reports? We can help you get things done in no time and prepare your papers in well in advance of the day deadlines to make things easier.

Why Choose Us ?

There are plenty of positives of choosing professional accounting services to help maintain business and personal tax financial records.

Expert Knowledge

Professionals have updated knowledge of the latest rules and regulations related to financial services and taxation.


Professional accounting services can help in drawing up paperwork and filings with almost no-hassle.

Tailored Services

We always ensure to deal with every client with a direct approach and provide customized services based on requirements.

Prompt Services

We believe in providing our clients with Prompt solutions and services designed to cater to everyones spacific needs.


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