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General Questions
April 30 is the due date for personal tax return ie T1. Corporate tax returns are due six months after your fiscal year end i.e., T2. 28th February is the reporting deadline for T4’s T4A and T5’s.
Payroll for current month needs to be remittance by 15th of the following month. If not paid can incur penelties.
CPAs can recommend the best business structure for your specific business. The legal structure you use to set up your business – sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation or co-op – affects your taxes, liability and reporting requirements. It can also be difficult to change later on, and may require you to reapply for licenses, get a new EIN, notify your bank and insurance company, among other things..
if you’re in business, you definitely need an accountant. Cash is going to be the lifeblood of your business, and you need to know someone who can help you handle it.If you haven’t hired an accountant yet, or if you’re trying to find a good one, read on. We’re about to help you determine when to hire an accountant, and how to find one who’s right for your business’s needs.
Maintaining books of your accounts on an accrual basis is necessary in the event of an audit. Companies are always required to keep their books for inspections on the premises. This helps avoid any penalties or fines.
In the event you file late, you are subject to fines and penalties based on how late and whether you owe anything to the CRA. Having an accountant can help you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties and keep your taxes and books up to date!
An accountant ensures that you or your company is completing their due diligence towards the CRA. We ensure that you are receiving the tax breaks you deserve and that your forms and payments are completed and sent in on time. Accountants are helpful in ensuring that your company is running smoothly financially and are a great resource when it comes to business operations and ensuring profitability of your company.
The majority of tax audits aren't the result of mathematical errors. They occur because something about your financial situation has waved a red flag at the concerned authority, placing you in a category that indicates you might owe more tax dollars than you say you do.
Yes, the firm provides business startup consulting services and can provide value inputs in helping you to set up your new brand.
Yes, the choice is totally up to you. We do provide payroll services to a number of different clients and can help you out as well.